Initial Phone Consultations (60 minutes)

The Initial consultation takes a look at all the functions in the body including your digestive system, hormones, blood sugars, weight, cardiovascular health and much more. In your initial consultation we look deeper into any imbalances, deficiencies, toxicities and heavy metals in the body that may be preventing you from feeling your best. You will recieve an immediate action plan after your consultation to assist you while your full health program is being researched and developed for your individual needs. Each case is treated differently and all factors are considered when putting the best health plan together for you. 

What’s included:

  • 1 hour consultation
  • Personalised treatment plan using diet, lifestyle, food as medicine, natural medicine and herbs.
  • Custom made prescription.
  • Health pdf pack. 
  • Follow up phone consultation.
  • Email and phone support when you need it.

Optional extras that will be discussed during your Initial consultation:

  • Practitioner therapeutic bioactive herbs and supplements for the healing and restoration part of your treatment plan.
  • A range of functional pathology tests are also available to investigate the functional, biochemical, nutritional, metabolic and hormonal status for a better understanding of what is happening in the body.

Follow up consultations (30 minutes)

Follow up consultations are important to work through the heal, restore and nourish stages and keep you on track of your treatment plan. Depending on your health needs and goals you will require between 1 to 5 follow up consultations. And possibly further follow-ups for more chronic health conditions that require further health assistance and monitoring.


Discovery Phone Call 

Complimentary 30 minute chat

If you are still not sure if a Naturopath consult will help with your current health issues, book in for a complimentary 30minute Naturopath consult. We will go over your current health issues and let you know what is possible for you with a Naturopath treatment protocol.

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Suzanna is available online thorugh Zoom or in clinic at:
Vivacious Living Centre - R Risely St, Applecross WA 6153 
In home consultations are available 10km radius of Applecross in the comfort of your own with a 15% surcharge for travel. 

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