Maintaining Testosterone in Aging Men for Vitality

As men age, the testosterone levels in their bodies start going into decline. This can become a
basis for many different health problems which only continue to exacerbate as they age. You
have probably seen men be afraid of their dreaded thirties and forties because they fear gaining
a potbelly or becoming couch potatoes. These changes all occur due to declining testosterone
levels. Therefore maintaining testosterone for health and vitality.

How to Balance Work and Self-Care When you Work from Home


Working from home has become normal today, even as the country opens up again. While it’s a great way to stay safe and even save money on childcare, it’s easy to blend the lines between work and taking care of yourself if you aren’t careful.

How to keep your prostate healthy as you age

The prostate is an important gland that is necessary for the production of semen during sexual activity. Although the gland is not very big, its location just below the bladder and in front of the rectum as well as the fact that it surrounds a part of the urethra is critical. This means that any disease in the prostate can lead to problems with urination and sexual function. 


PMS or premenstrual syndrome consists of a group of changes that may affect women differently. These changes can affect you on physical, emotional, or behavioral levels. Many women observe these symptoms one to two weeks before their period. Women may notice these symptoms vanishing as soon as their period starts.
Hormone balance is one of the root causes of Premenstrual syndrome. Usually, doctors recommend oral contraceptives and antidepressants for PMS support.
However, there are natural remedies for PMS that are completely safe and free from side effects.

5 Tips to Help you Slow Down and Enjoy Life More

If you’re like most people today – you constantly go, go, go. Even when we were in lockdown, most people didn’t know how to slow down. They felt like they had to keep going or they weren’t being productive. What if the opposite were true? What if you slowed down and enjoyed life? You may be surprised to learn you can be more productive by slowing down, plus you get the enjoyment of savoring life’s wonderful moments.

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