Mushrooms can strengthen your immune system

Mushrooms come in all shapes and sizes and have all of their own special qualities. Mushrooms are one super food I think that is overlooked and shouldn’t be they are packed full of amazing healing goodness. I use medicinal extracts of mushrooms in my clinic for the way they tonify, nourish and build the immune system up in the body.

There is so much I could say about the mushroom but today I am writing about the common mushroom you find in the supermarket and how to boost their vitamin D content.

Leaving the mushrooms outside in the sun for 2 hours to 2 days for maximum results will help transform ultraviolet light from the sun into Vitamin D in the mushroom. This is great news for calcium absorption to help prevent osteoporosis. It sure is a great natural way to get your Vitamin D. Vitamin D is also important for promoting a healthy immune system by increasing the production of immune cells that help fight disease and the common cold and flu. Definitely sneak a couple of these winter hearty mushrooms in your winter soups to keep your immune system strong.

It’s amazing how much one vitamin deficiency can impact our overall health if you have anxiety, feeling low or depressed. Try adding some more vitamin D and sunny mushrooms into your diet. Research shows a decrease in symptoms with adequate amounts of Vitamin D.


If you are surrounded by pollution, always using sunscreen, indoors a lot of the time, living in condensed areas and have dark skin you may be at a higher risk of a vitamin D deficiency. You can get a simple blood test to check your Vitamin D levels if you are concerned, it’s a great way to monitor if you are on the right track. I am really good at picking deficiencies in the body that could be impacting your health. So if you are not feeling well just send me a quick email or call and hopefully I can help you out and steer you in the right direction.


My marinated mushroom recipe you must try and it is great as a side for all the yummy summer foods. I leave mine out in the sun for a few hours to get the goodness of the sun at the same time the flavours seem to come out nicer.


  • 500 gram of mushrooms
  • ¼ cup of lemon juice
  • ¼ cup of Apple cider vinegar
  • ½ cup of olive oil
  • 2 garlic cloves crushed
  • Hand full of your favourite herbs (I generally just use what is in the garden at the time, this one has parsley, coriander, sage and rosemary in it).


Place all the ingredients in a glass jar and let marinate for 2 days to release the full flavours.


  • Place in sun for a couple of hours for some sun boosting goodness. Or sunbathe the mushrooms for a few hours before marinating.
  • Use the leftover marinate dressing for your salads, this will keep for a week.


Mushrooms are an interesting one and I love going out in the cooler winter climates as the warmer weather starts to spike and see what types of mushrooms are growing around in nature. Mushrooms are fungi that require the right temperature and compost or damp wood to decompose and grow their fruit from. It is a really fascinating process that always amazes me. You can purchase mushroom kits at your gardening store and make your own mushroom farm, which is always fun to watch grow. The warmer weather is starting to come out now and drying up the composts and woods, but if you get out in nature and look in the damper spots you should still see some little growths along your walk.