Best Juices, Smoothies and Soups For Prostate Health

Prostate cancer and other prostate-related diseases are leading causes of mortalities and morbidities among men around the world. However, for better health of the prostate gland, diet can have a significant influence. By adding healthy food options, you can enhance the health of your prostate and decrease the risk of several prostate-related disorders.


Tomato is the most significant source of several antioxidants and vitamin C.

According to the researchers, tomato consists of lycopene, which is beneficial for treatment or slowing down prostate enlargement. Lycopene can also help with the symptoms of prostate disease, such as infection, micturition, and frequent urination.

Lycopene is best absorbed in the body when cooked. According to the research, cooked tomatoes are more bioavailable for lycopene than fresh ones. The thermal processing of tomatoes helps break the tissue matrix's cell membranes, releasing the lycopene compound. You can use the tomato products such as pastes, semi-cooked soups, and pasta. Ensure to consume the pre-packaged tomato products in glass material instead of plastic to avoid the acids in the tomato leaking the packaging into your tomato product. 


Try a deliciously healthy and hearty lycopene-rich minestrone soup. 


Minestrone soup

Green tea:

Green tea is the most natural and organic source of beneficial nutrients. Regular consumption of green tea can help in easing the inflammation of the prostate gland. In turn, pressure on the urethra decreases and eases the symptoms of prostate inflammation. Green tea has several anti-viral and anti-bacterial benefits to prevent infections. Men suffering from enlarged prostate find difficulty emptying the bladder, increasing the risks of different infections. The quantity of caffeine in green tea is far less than the other tea options and coffee. Therefore, the safety of green tea consumption can help with prostate-related problems.


green tea

 Pomegranate juice:

Pomegranate pearls and juice are excellent sources of antioxidants for the body. Antioxidants are the compounds that resist or counteract the dysfunction caused by free radicals and ROS (reactive oxygen species). Antioxidants can help in preventing chronic diseases concerning oxidative stress and infection. Pomegranate has different potent bioactive components which can help in inhibiting the proliferation of cancer cells. Pomegranate juice helps stabilize PSA levels (prostate stabilizing antigen) in men who have prostate cancer. An eight ounces consumption of pomegranate juice daily can help in rectifying the detrimental effects of prostate infections.




Broccoli is a significant vegetable that contains complex compounds that can help in protecting you from cancer. Research shows a potent link between the decreased rate of prostate gland diseases and cruciferous vegetables.

The exact mechanism of broccoli’s anti-inflammatory properties is still unknown. These vegetables contain phytochemicals like sulforaphane, which tend to target the cancer cells and kill them.
Other cruciferous vegetables may contain kale, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and cauliflower. Broccoli and green tea smoothie can be the best recipe for daily consumption.


Try this vegetable smoothie: 3 florets of broccoli, 2 florets of cauliflower, 1/2 cup of pineapple pieces, and a half cup of green tea. Blend. Makes 2


dreamstime xs 37348801

A combination green smoothie:

Most of the time, avocados are consumed as a meal, but they can make the best ingredient for smoothies for a healthy prostate. Avocados are rich in essential nutrients as magnesium which can boost immunity. A combination of spinach, pineapple, and avocados can be the best smoothie for prostate gland health.


The prostate gland is the most significant gland in men, accounting for semen production and sperm protection. As the prostate gland plays a vital role in reproduction, you need to take care of its health. Different foods, juices, soups, and smoothies are the best alternative options for medicinal treatments and surgeries. Prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, you must take steps before it gets serious.


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