Parsley: A herb to cleanse your system


Parsley is one of the most popular herbs worldwide. Originally from Europe and the Middle East, parsley has also become popular in many dishes. The root of parsley is a vegetable as well, it has many different properties and nutrients to heal and cleanse your system. No wonder it has been well-known throughout the culinary history. It also has ornamental and aromatic properties, and was used as a decoration for the Greek champions, and to deodorize corpses before Roman funerals.

Parsley is more than just good nutrition

Asides from that, parsley holds an uncommon combination of nutrients that makes it a powerful superfood. It has flavonoids with antioxidant properties, and also myristicin, eugenol, and similar compounds that many scientific researchers have linked to anti-cancer treatments. Parsley has 3 times more Vitamin C compared to oranges as well as carotenoids, young precursors of vitamin A necessary for your vision and to neutralize UV radiation.

A single spoonful has around 77% the recommended daily value of Vitamin K, and folic acid is also made available with parsley, as well as many other vitamins and minerals a pregnant woman needs for a healthy gestation. Parsley's chlorophyll, which works along with flavonoids to promote the formation of glutathione –the major innate antioxidant our body has in store.

Asides from the superior nutritional value provided by parsley, it also has additional properties by itself. It is a potent diuretic capable of reducing arterial blood pressure and enhancing the function of the kidneys. It promotes the reabsorption of potassium from the urine, which is particularly helpful for people with circulation problems and those undergoing some blood pressure medications.


A superfood with cosmetic applications

Not only Greeks and Romans, but also today’s people find in parsley a great potential for aromatic and self-care purposes. Asides from providing great nutrition, parsley juice is also very good at providing a healthy texture to your hair and skin. It reduces the infections and inflammation that goes along with acne breakouts.

The high content of chlorophyll in parsley is capable of blocking bacteria that cause the odor in bad breath and other body smells. To boost the deodorizing properties of parsley, one can drench it in apple cider vinegar, and it will also serve to improve the digestive function. When combined with garlic or onion, it does the same for foods.

No wonder why parsley has always been popular as an ornament and culinary herb. It has high content on chlorophyll, Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It provides great nutrition and has additional properties for our health. And it even has cosmetic properties that make it a fantastic superfood you can’t miss from your next shopping list or to grow in your garden.


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