6 mindfulness practices that will bring inner harmony

No matter how chaotic life can get, we need tools to help bring us back to our centre and ground us. Mindfulness practice is a great start for this. Life can get stressful at the moment, though it always passes. A popular quote is ‘You can’t calm the storm, so stop trying. What you can do is calm yourself. The storm will pass – Timber Hawkey. When we are in the storm, it feels like a big dust storm in our minds. Thoughts are flying around everywhere, not making any sense at all. The idea of mindfulness is to calm this dust storm down enough to let the thoughts settle and allow the breath to slow down.

Echinacea for common cold and other potential applications

Medical advancements constantly change, but herbal medicines remain as a powerful ally of our nutrition, health, and wellbeing. Echinacea is a clear example of how a traditional North American herb can outperform some drugs to treat the common cold, one of the most elusive ailments known to man.

What exactly does Echinacea do and what else can we expect from this promising natural remedy?

Quinoa: Superfood for the new generation


Quinoa has stimulated the interest of public media and nutritionists for the last years, and it is becoming an increasingly common ingredient in North America. Quinoa is typically grown in South America, but now it is found on most grocery stores and you can even order it online. Experienced cooks and nutritionists are learning its properties and many would recommend it as one of the healthiest superfoods.

How to reduce stress and stimulate the vagus nerve

Most people associate stress with emotions and mood. It is something you feel for a while and then focus on something else. But did you know feeling stressed out affects your nervous system in a longer term?

Stress can actually change the way your brain works, and the connections it has with your outside body. One example of such association is the vagus nerve.

Parsley: A herb to cleanse your system


Parsley is one of the most popular herbs worldwide. Originally from Europe and the Middle East, parsley has also become popular in many dishes. The root of parsley is a vegetable as well, it has many different properties and nutrients to heal and cleanse your system. No wonder it has been well-known throughout the culinary history. It also has ornamental and aromatic properties, and was used as a decoration for the Greek champions, and to deodorize corpses before Roman funerals.

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