Join Us At The Healing High Tea Workshop

Hosted by Suzanna Wallace, “The Green Naturopath”

Enjoy an afternoon of healing, restoring and nourishing the mind, body and spirit and receive;

  • Healing organic teas and delicacies
  • Uplifting mediation
  • Presentations to enhance your health and inspire you live the best life
  • Great company
  • Lively conversation
  • Gift bags and giveaways

Saturday, 28 October 2017
2:00pm - 5:00pm

City West Receptions
City West Centre, 45 Plaistowe Mews, West Perth

Free parking and a two-minute walk from City West train station and Green CAT bus station

For further information, please contact Suzanna on 0408165068 or via the contact us page

About the speakers:

Renowned and well-respected Practitioner, Suzanna Wallace, (The Green Naturopath), is a registered, degree-trained Naturopath and Herbalist in Australia.She is passionate about sharing her knowledge of plant science medicine and how to integrate it into everyday life to rejuvenate the body. At this event, Suzanna will be sharing new insights into how to view food differently; and she will be providing examples and testers for you to try out. Suzanna will have you looking at food on a whole new level - how to heal, regenerate, detox and reduce stress and anxiety in the body.

Award winner, Norita Omar is the founder and speaker of Strive and Thrive, where she inspires and empowers the community to strive through challenges and thrive into better life. Having overcome her depression and anxiety following a brain injury and earthquake traumas, Norita is passionate about helping others to find the power within themselves to live life positively. At this event, she will be sharing how whole foods help her through her healing journey and how they are now part of her resilience management.

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